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广发香港2021年管培生计划 2021 Management Trainee Program(校园招聘)

岗位名称:广发香港2021年管培生计划 2021 Management Trainee Program(校园招聘)
职位类别:校园招聘岗位归属:子ub8优游注册登录ub8优游注册登录-广发控股(香港)ub8优游注册登录ub8优游注册登录作地点:香港招聘人数:若干申请时间:2021-01-27 至 2021-02-28


业务部门轮岗 Business Functions Stream:
~ Asset Management
~ Investment Banking
~ Debt Capital Markets
~ Private Equity, Global Markets

职能部门轮岗 Supporting Functions Stream:
~ Executive Office
~ Risk Management
~ Finance & Treasury
~ Operations

计划详情 What We Offer:
1. Two years rotational program for you to experience different positions in either Business or Corporate Functions Stream
2. Cross-functional job rotations to provide you with exposure in different business lines while allowing you to develop specialization in your most interested areas
3. Comprehensive trainings to help develop both soft skills and hard skills
4. Mentorship program in which our senior bankers will share their valuable industry experience, skills and knowledge to help guide/advance your careers
5. Fixed role assignment near the end of the program with a potential opportunity of early program completion
6. Competitive package to reward the best performers in the program


1. The top of your class and have an academic degree from an accredited university
2. Graduated in Y2020 or will graduate in the first half of 2021 with maximum of one year work experience
3. Major in different disciplines but need to have basic understanding of the financial industry
4. Good command of written and spoken English and Chinese (Putonghua is a must)
5. An open-minded person with Can-do attitude and entrepreneurial spirit
6. Strong business acumen combined with excellent analytical and communication skills
7. A team player who enjoys hectic working environment


申请方法 How to apply:

If you are ready to rise to the challenge, please click below “申请岗位” button to fill out the application form and indicate career interest (indicating your choice of stream, i.e. "Business Functions Stream" or "Supporting Functions stream" or “Flexible” in your CV. The application will be closed on 28 February 2021. Action Now!



All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence and personal data collected will be used for recruitment purpose only. Applicants who do not hear from us by 30 June 2021 may consider the application unsuccessful.


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