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恩和生物(Bota Bio)是一ub8优游注册登录全球运营的合ub8优游注册登录生物ub8优游注册登录ub8优游注册登录。ub8优游注册登录ub8优游注册登录通过利用标准化、自动化的高通量湿实验平台(Bio-foundry),结合生物计算和机器学习对生物体进行ub8优游注册登录统性、ub8优游注册登录程性编辑,致力于开发高效、绿色、低ub8优游注册登录本,且适用于大规模生产的ub8优游注册登录业生物制造技术,为化ub8优游注册登录、食品、制药和农业等多产业提供关键技术解决方案。ub8优游注册登录ub8优游注册登录创始及核心团队ub8优游注册登录员由来自MIT、哈佛大学,以及Amyris、Ginkgo等合ub8优游注册登录生物学领域的奠基ub8优游注册登录ub8优游注册登录的多位学界和业界专ub8优游注册登录ub8优游注册登录ub8优游注册登录,团队拥ub8优游注册登录丰富的产业开发经验。目前,ub8优游注册登录ub8优游注册登录专业能力囊括生物计算、菌株ub8优游注册登录程以及发酵ub8优游注册登录ub8优游注册登录,覆盖了从ub8优游注册登录研发到大规模产业化的全过程。目前ub8优游注册登录ub8优游注册登录已ub8优游注册登录为国内合ub8优游注册登录生物学领域的头部ub8优游注册登录ub8优游注册登录,于2020年11月ub8优游注册登录功入选《麻省理ub8优游注册登录ub8优游注册登录技评论》50ub8优游注册登录聪明ub8优游注册登录ub8优游注册登录。


Senior Associate Engineer-Fermentation 发酵ub8优游注册登录程研究员


• Set-up and planning of fermentation experiments: medium preparation, sterilization, bioreactor preparation and seed-train growth propagation.

• Monitor the course of the fermentation process: understand different fermentation phases, changes in dissolved oxygen and take corrective actions accordingly.

• Develop high-throughput/scale-down fermentation process for both strain development and process optimization.

• Work closely with strain department and analytical department to ensure successful stain optimization and process scale-up.

• Analyze, interpret and report bench-scale fermentation process data using data analysis tools.



• Bachelor degree or Above in bioengineering, fermentation engineering, chemical engineering, or microbiology with bachelor degree or above.

• Expertise in the process parameter control and optimization in the fermentation process.

• Possess relevant study background in molecular biology and metabolic engineering, proficient in genetic engineering, metabolic engineering and bioreactor operation skills.

• Experience in yeast metabolic engineering and enzyme engineering is preferred.

• Solid understanding of bioreactor system and fermentation process.

• Excellent communication and negotiating skills.

• Team working spirit with self-motivation.


Senior Associate Scientist-Enzyme Engineering 酶ub8优游注册登录程研究员

Job description


As a Scientist in the Enzyme Engineering group at Bota, you will be part of a diverse team of molecular biologists and biochemists responsible for discovering and improving the enzymes at the heart of enzyme engineering pipeline platforms. Bota leverages high throughput biology and directed evolution approaches to develop the enzyme systems. The ideal candidate will have experience on cloning, enzyme engineering, in vitro assays.


• For the right candidate this role may be filled as a Senior Associate Scientist Enzyme Engineering, which requires a BSc. Or Above;

• Experience developing assays for enzymes including library construction and high-throughput screening.

• Experience with molecular biology tools including cloning, DNA purification and sequencing.

• Experience with laboratory automation is desirable but not a requirement.

• Hands-on Experience working with various cell types.

• Ability to analyze large data sets using scripting tools.

• Desire to work in a team environment and collaborate closely with other cross-functional teams.

• Ability to learn quickly in a fast-paced startup environment.


Senior Associate Scientist-Analytics (HTS) 分析化学研究员


• Design, implement and improve HTP experiments for characterization biocatalysts (enzymes and/or strains) to identify superior performing variants (more active and/or more stable and/or more selective).

• Work independently and collaborate within project teams to provide expertise, support and assistance on analytical challenges and opportunities.

• Multitask and prioritize projects and responsibilities under tight timeline.

• Timely and critically analyze large data sets. Ability to make scientifically accurate decision with incomplete data set.

• Detailed documentation of all experimental designs and results, including provide SOPs to both internal and external customers.

• Attention to details and good laboratory practices

• Maintain a safe working environment.




• Bachelor or Above in biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology or chemistry.

• Through understanding of biochemistry, microbiology and/or molecular biology concepts ( enzyme kinetics, protein expression/characterization, protein purification, bacterial/fungal growth). Preference given to candidates with experience in protein engineering/strain development.

• Conducted research in high throughput format ( 96 well plates), especially with the aid of automation equipment.

• Familiar with routine analytical techniques such as LC, GC and spectroscopic assays. Experience with LC/MS or GC/MS a plus.

• Excellent communication skills, both oral and written. Provide accurate and concise research finding to both internal and external customers.


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