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Legal Intern at MoFo Beijing & Shanghai

Morrison & Foerster China is launching a legal internship program in our Beijing & Shanghai offices. Our practice includes mergers and acquisitions, corporate advisory and regulatory advisory, private equity and venture capital, real estate, technology transactions, capital markets, dispute resolution, and intellectual property, etc.  

Successful candidates will work closely with our attorneys and will be included in every aspect of firm life, from social events to office-wide training sessions, and from legal research to client meetings.  The hands-on learning we offer will help the candidates understand the legal and commercial context of the advice we give.  

Who we are looking for:


  • Has received undergraduate law education;

  • Currently is a 2nd year LLM student at one of the top-tier law schools in China, or a JD student or student with any other programs of law at an international law school;

  • Strong academics, preferably has passed the PRC Bar Exam;

  • Good command of the English language and excellent communication skills.  

Other factors:

  • A positive attitude, enthusiasm, attention to detail, strong problem-solving skills, and a good fit with the rest of the team.

Terms & business hours:

Our internship program runs at least 6 months. Highly prefer candidates that can commit to the full internship period;

Attending office hours on a regular basis is preferred: 9 A.M. to 6 P.M., Monday through Friday.

How to apply:

Email CV, transcripts and cover letter to Sabrina.Wang@ in Beijing  & SGu@ in Shanghai.

Who we are:

We are Morrison & Foerster, a global law firm of exceptional credentials in many areas. Our clients include some of the largest financial institutions, Fortune 100 companies, investment banks, and technology and life sciences companies. Our commitment to serving client has resulted in enduring relationships and a record of high achievement. For 13 consecutive years, Morrison & Foerster has been named to The AmericanLawyer’s A-List. We are among the leaders in the profession for our longstanding commitment to pro bono work. For more information about the firm, please visit ww***om.[点击查看]

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